Builder of Custom Dreams

Customer Testimonials

"Through planning, construction, and post-construction the exceptional staff at Carlson Construction was a pleasure to work with.
We valued Carlson's attention to detail and quality workmanship. Their knowledge and years of experience guided us through the building process with a perfect end result.
We would definitely recommend Carlson Construction to anyone who valued quality and superior craftsmanship."
- Michael D. Lehman 


"The people at Carlson Construction are great to work with on every level.  They deliver quality service and exceptional results.  

George, Curt and the entire team wowed us when they first built our home and wowed us in completing a beautiful remodel.  
We would recommend Carlson Construction without hesitation and with pleasure."
- Larry and Betty King

Dear George,

Now that we have been in our new custom home for a few months, we have had the time to reflect on the home building project we initiated a year ago. Lois and I thank you, your staff and your sub-contractors for the tremendous job in building our dream home.
We have lived in Europe, Hawaii, the Far East and throughout the United States. In fact, moving to Camp Hill is our 23rd move. We have lived in many types of houses in many settings during the past 34 years. These experiences helped us to formulate our plans for our dream home. You and the Carlson Construction team met our expectations. From the very Beginning you led us through the planning, design and execution of our dream home. Your professionalism, sensitivity to our needs, foresight and genuine interest in ensuring that our expectations were met, made it a very enjoyable building experience. Unlike the many home building horror stories we had heard from some of our friends and acqaintances.
All of your staff preformed in a most professional manner. Not only were they knowledgeable, but they were sensitive to our needs and guided us through al phases of construction. Each staff member “took charge” and followed-through on all actions until a satisfactory conclusion was met.
George, you were at the building site at least as much if not more than we were. Your attention to detail is evident in the many compliments we have received about the quality of our home. We highlight quality because your performance in this endeavor is a class act.  It was obvious to us that your objective was to build a quality home to the total satisfaction of the customer. When your builder can produce your dream home within your budget, on the agreed date and guarantee it in writing, we knew we were dealing with the best.
Lois and I thank you again for demonstrating quality management and performance in building our home.
Jim and Lois Williams