Builder of Custom Dreams

Welcome to Carlson Construction!


Carlson Construction has been well known for their quality homes in the Harrisburg area for over 35 years. With over 300 custom designed homes, George Carlson and his staff pride themselves on their ability to design and build homes that meet their customers ideas, expectations, and financial requirements.

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"When I was recently asked to come up with a single explanation of what Carlson Construction represents, I said 'Builder of Custom Dreams.' That is really my primary purpose as a contractor.


"Every customer that I have talked to has different circumstances and priorities. Each has a vision of his or her dream home. And it is my main objective to make that dream a reality.


"What we have assembled on this website for you is just a few ideas of what we do, a few of the solutions we've provided for our individual customers. While each solution is as unique as its owner, I think you will find some common concerns and situations threaded throughout, and how Carlson Construction, in working with the homeowner, came up with the perfect solution."


Best wishes,

George M.A. Carlson